01  May
how lucky we are

(for the boco company of lucky duck april, 2007)

i’ve just returned from directing lucky duck at the boston conservatory of music — a wonderful experience all around — great cast, a choreographer (michelle chasse) and musical director (bill casey) who were supremely talented and fun to work with and an overall atmosphere of support and joy … my thanks to all … my opening night poem for the company who was in that sometimes challenging rehearsal room follows

how lucky we are
to be here together
with our little blue chairs
and affairs
of ducks and dogs
pigs and sheep

such memories to keep
and treasure
doing what we love
with people we adore
such a giddy pleasure
who could ask for more?

how many can say
they look forward
to going to work?
i have every day
of course it’s easier
when work is play
and from the outside
looking in
it may not seem
like work at all
but work it is
demanding work at that

and oh what fun it’s been
i’d gladly start
all over again
right now
but we have promises to keep
tests to take
fields to plow
and need to catch up
on lost sleep

i’d rather be
in a rehearsal room
than just about anywhere else
even this one
with its troublesome outdoor lock
pillar center stage
no good area
from which to watch
and always always
far too warm

but oh what joy we’ve known
in this unprepossessing room
what laughs we’ve shared
amidst the gloom
of awful weather
depressing news
busy schedules
and varied hues
of complicated lives

we’ve learned so much
we’ve come so far
we’ve made new friends
how blessed we are

please remember
when life sucks
together we’ve been
lucky ducks

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