Lucky Duck

lucky duckCreators

book by Bill Russell and Jeffrey Hatcher
music by Henry Krieger
lyrics by Bill Russell


Lucky Duck (formerly: Everything’s Ducky) is a wacky adaptation of “The Ugly Duckling” which takes place in a kingdom where vegetarianism is the law and ducks rule. Serena, the ugliest duck in the barnyard, yearns to leave her sorry life where she is totally unappreciated and become a great singing diva. To this end, when Serena feels depressed, she conjures up her imaginary friend, the greatest diva of all time, Leda Cygnet. Leda advises her that she has a “special destiny” but only she can find it.But the road to superstardom is bumpy. Along the way Serena is befriended by a Wolf, the Coyote Brothers, Galinda (the most fashionable Goose in New Duck City), Armand Dillo (the world’s most fashionable photographer) and many other delightful and conniving characters. She even meets Crown Prince Drake, but she doesn’t fall for his playboy ways like any ordinary duck in the kingdom would.With Leda’s encouragement and with the help of Galinda’s top modeling agency “Chick,” Serena becomes the swan she always knew she could be. But fame is fleeting and Serena’s fame lasts about the standard ten minutes.

Down on her luck but still full of pluck, Serena continues to search for her special destiny, and is encouraged to enter the Silver Jubilee Songbird Contest. Meanwhile, Drake, realizing his love for the real “ugly duck” inside the beautiful swan, pursues Serena, who questions his motives and is more likely to trust Wolf, who has helped her and guided her since she left the barnyard. But Wolf is fighting the urge to start a carnivore revolution in rebellion against the vegetarian rules of the land… and the first morsel of meat he enjoys just might be Serena!

Is the Silver Jubilee Songbird contest a huge success? Does Serena find her special destiny? Does everyone live happily ever after? Well, we don’t want to give everything away… but we will tell you that EVERYTHING’S DUCKY!


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  1. G. Brown

    I was wondering where I could buy the sheet music to “Average, Simple, Mega Super Star”? Thank you

  2. B. York

    I was wondering where I could buy the sheet music to “Average, Simple, Mega Superstar”?

    Thanks :~)

  3. Nicole

    I too am looking to purchase the sheet music for Average, Simple, Mega Superstar. Can you please let me know where I can do so at your earliest convenience? Thanks!

  4. Bryana

    I was wondering if there is any way I could purchase the sheet music to “Average, Simple, Mega Superstar”.

    Can you let me know where I can get it? Thank you so much!

  5. Allison

    I was also hoping there was a way I could purchase the sheet music for “Average, Simple, Mega Superstar.”

    Feel free to email me. Thank you!

  6. Hayes

    Hi, I’m wondering if there’s any possible way to recieve sheet music to Average, Simple, Mega, Superstar. Please feel free to email me.


  7. katherine Brunson

    dido i need back round or sheet music for this song

  8. Nina-Sophia Pacheco

    I love this show, is there any way i can attain the sheet music ( full score) for “Average, Simple, Mega Superstar”?

  9. Annette Layman

    Would love to purchase the music and lyrics to “Average, Simple, Mega-Superstar! If this is possible, can you direct me to to the way to do that? I run a small summer music camp in Durham, NC and think it, and your show, would be something wonderful to introduce our kids to!

  10. Sydni

    Hello! I am in the process of putting together my song list for my undergrad senior recital and was wondering if it’s possible to get sheet music for Average Simple Mega Superstar?

  11. Thomas Sheffer

    Is there anyway I can purchase the sheet music for Average Simple Mega Superstar? A friend and I have been looking everywhere and can’t find it. Thank you for your time!

  12. bill


    i’d be happy to send you the music for “average, simple, mega superstar” … if you can send $8.00 US to my paypal account: i can either email you a copy or send a hard copy in the mail … in case of the latter please include a mailing address and remind me which song you’re looking for

    bill russell

  13. Leah Killmer

    I would love the sheet music for Average, Simple, Mega Superstar. Can you please e-mail me an attachment of the sheet music?

    I don’t have a paypal account. Do you have venmo? If not, I can create an account ASAP.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Leah Killmer

  14. Isabella Mollica

    Hi there! I see you get asked this question quite a bit, but could I buy the sheet music for Average, Simple, Mega Superstar from you (I have a paypal account)? I just love performing that song, and I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you so much!
    –Isabella Mollica

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