book and lyrics by Bill Russell and Frank Kelly
music by Albert Evans
conceived by Robert Longbottom


And the winner is…..

Every evening and matinee six contestants battle it out for the title of Miss Glamoresse. Who will it be? Miss Bible Belt; Miss Industrial Northwest; Miss West Coast; Miss Industrial Northeast; Miss Great Plains; or Miss Texas? Judges picked from the audience nightly determine a different winner at every performance. This fun-filled musical is presided over by host extraordinaire Frankie Cavalier, who gives Wayne Newton a run for his money! Contestants compete in several categories including swimsuit, physical fitness, spokes model and beauty crisis counseling. And by the way… all the contestants are played by men. This wild and funny satire of beauty contests is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Fun for all ages. You’ll never watch Miss America the same way again.


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  1. SideShowFreak

    Hi is there a cast recording of Pageant?? Can’t seem to find one at all.

  2. Philip R. Cohen

    Is it possible to purchase a CD of the music from Pageant?
    If so, where and how.
    Thank you.

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