book by Stephen Chbosky and Bill Russell
music by Henry Krieger
lyrics by Bill Russell


La Traviata with a disco beat, based on Camille by Alexandre Dumas, fils

1980. Caleigh, an exotically charismatic woman, is kept in grand style by billionaire Marshall Fiske. They are regulars at Studio — where the chosen movers and shakers dance the night away.

Blake, a jaded, gay, rich kid introduces his med-school friend Ian to the wild and glamorous Studio experience. There, Ian meets Caleigh and the seeds of their tragic romance are sown.

Despite her view of romance as a commodity to be bartered, Caleigh falls in love with the young student, sacrificing her taste for the extravagance Marshall provides to run away with Ian to the country. When Ian’s mother shows up and begs Caleigh to end the relationship so that Ian will not throw away his promising future, Caleigh faces a larger sacrifice than she ever imagined.

This passionate, stylish and sexy story plays out against the glamor and decadence of Studio 54, where “actions have no consequence” … until they do.


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    Hello! How can I buy the sheet music to Average Simple Mega Superstar? Thanks so much!


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