LAST SMOKER IN AMERICA Cast Recording Set for June 25 Release

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Yellow Sound Label (Michael Croiter) announces the release of the Original Cast Album for The Last Smoker in America today, June 25, 2013. The album, produced and engineered by Joel Moss and distributed by Yellow Sound Label, will be available on Amazon, iTunes, and elsewhere where music is sold. For additional information, visit

The Last Smoker in America, with book and lyrics by Bill Russell and music by Peter Melnick, opened Off-Broadway at The Westside Theatre on August 2, 2012. The production was directed by Andy Sandberg, with choreography by AC Ciulla and music supervision and arrangements by Fred Lassen. The four-member cast featured Farah AlvinNatalie Venetia Belcon, John Bolton, and Jake Boyd.

The Last Smoker in America delivers explosive satire and smoking wit, along with a thrilling rock score that leaves you craving for more. In a world where smoking has recently been outlawed and the penalties are growing stricter by the minute, Pam is having an impossible time trying to quit. Her husband Ernie dreams of being a rock star and relentlessly practices his guitar in the basement, while their videogame-addicted son Jimmy listens to so much rap music he thinks he's black. As if Pam isn't pushed to The Edge of reason already, her nosy, anti-smoking zealot neighbor Phyllis is on a mission to catch transgressors mid-puff. Will Pam kick the habit or fight for her right to light up?

The New York Times declared the "pop-rock score is terrific, with multiple catchy melodies that will stick in your head like peanut butter."

The producers of the Off-Broadway production of The Last Smoker in America included Andy SandbergWhitney Hoagland EdwardsMichael Palitz, and Stephanie Rosenberg.

Licensing for The Last Smoker in America is now available through Samuel French Inc. To apply for performance rights, please visit, or contact Samuel French by phone at (866) 598-8449 or by email at

For additional information about The Last Smoker in America, or the recent Off-Broadway production, please visit

Director/Producer Andy Sandberg had this to say, "I am incredibly proud of this production and all of the extraordinarily talented artists who gave their time and talent to this show." He went on to add, "With licensing now available through Samuel French and the release of this awesome cast album, we are more excited than ever for the future life of The Last Smoker in America."


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