in the mid-70s, i had the great pleasure and honor of writing lyrics for and managing the duo jade & sarsaparilla … we did an album which has just been re-released by amoeba music:

to this day, still one of the best projects i've ever been involved with … janet hood and linda langford are incredibly talented and this was pretty edgy content back then (still is in many circles) … i really think this music holds up … check it out!

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  1. Patricia joseph

    I Have been looking for a cd but was spelling name wrong even though I have the album. I don’t think we have met but I was the person who told Maureen to go see these women because I wanted them to play at the Sheraton where I worked during these wonderful years.
    They were playing in Hyannis. And the rest is history. Can you help me find a cd
    Patricia joseph

  2. bill

    Hi Patricia,
    Not sure if I responded to this … The jade & sarsaparilla album is available at amoeba records —

    Thanks for your interest and that recommendation to Maureen all those years ago

  3. Elizabeth Lapointe

    I had the cassette that they sold in the ’70’s at their gigs…went to the amoeba site: NO KNOWN ARTIST! wtf!

  4. bill

    not sure what happened but here’s the link — it’s still up on amoeba

  5. Caleydog

    Had the pleasure of seeing them perform at Berkeley School of Music (Boston). DEE-LITED to hear it’s been re-released. My vinyl is worn thru. Are they doing any music now, together or individually?

  6. bill


    jade & sarsaparilla are no longer performing together but janet hood and i continue to write together … our new musical, “unexpected joy” just enjoyed its world premire on cape cod … stay tuned for more with that musical for four women


  7. ed goldman

    THRILLED to find these songs again. My son and I just sang “I’d Like To Be” at my other son’s wedding. This is also the song that was playing when my wife and I got engaged some 31 years ago. Thank you and J&S for this!

  8. bill

    that’s wonderful … sorry i just saw this — it made me very happy!

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