i shouldn’t think so much about money
but it’s always at the back of my mind
how much did this cost?
how much have we lost?
where’s more of it that we can find?

i know that money isn’t the answer
but it consumes a lot of my thought
more dough would be nice
how high is the price?
should we have sold instead of bought?

 the earnings come in
and the payments go out
but the struggle seems to stay the same
splurging when there’s more
scrimping when there’s less
trying to remain in the game

i dream of having oodles of money
though those who do don’t seem more content
if i had it i’d share
at least what i could spare
before my better nature was spent

i do obsess the most about money
of anything that troubles my head
why is there this drought?
what if it runs out?
will it last until i’m dead?

i shouldn’t think so much about money
i know i’m kind of stuck in that rut
through the ebbs and flows
even when it grows
money is a pain in my butt

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