i can be bundled for tundra
thermals and parka
muffler and mukluks
thick socks and gloves
all of it warming
me to the bone
but i feel naked
without my phone

or dressed to the nines
for a party
tuxedo and cumberbund
cufflinks and studs
wearing the finest of threads
that i own
but i still feel naked
without my phone

my phone is so smart
we’re very well-matched
is there a way
i could have it attached
to me permanently
so i’ll never be heard
to say, “where did i leave it?”
or have to make efforts
to go and retrieve it?

i can wear business drag
suit it up sharply
like the best scalawag
trench coat and wing tips
button down collar
and four in hand tie
jacket and slacks
an executive clone
but i feel naked
without my phone

my mobile’s become
essential attire
more than accessory
or a toy to acquire
it keeps me connected
to e-mail and news
websites and widgets
and googleearth views
its camera is great
for catching a shot
or streamlining video
of some lancelot

oh and people
of course!
i almost forgot
talking or texting
friends or relations
is one of my hand-held’s
best applications

i can dress up
or i can dress down
ragged old jeans
or chic couture gown
but don’t take my picture
if i’m out alone
i feel naked
without my phone

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