02  Nov


i’m pretty well-cultured
i like films which are indie
subtitled movies
even in hindi
classics of cinema
filled with erudite chatter
serious subjects
and challenging matter

i’ve seen most of rohmer
bergman, fellini
hitchcock, truffaut
and some pasolini

but then my good taste
will die in a flash
and i actively search
for films that are trash

togas and sandals
rude horror schlock
brit twit comedians
weepers i mock
monsters and gories
commercial crap
sticky sweet stories
oozing with sap

i love the ballet
the symphony thrills
i’m highly impressed
by checkov’s deft skills
i seek out shakespeare
wherever i can

then high-art ideals
will suddenly crash
and that’s when i go
straight for the trash

boulevard comedies
drag queens who pose
soap opera tackiness
and big glitzy shows
even the latest commercialized smash
sometimes i really crave trash

i keep excellent company
authors and thinkers
at the top of their game
doctors, attorneys
who’ve earned quite a name
for their work
for their minds
i seek out fine artists
and creative kinds
i dig conversation
that’s heady and brash
but sometimes i’d rather talk trash

with hookers and addicts
nutcases and bums
all of the kooks
with which this city hums
the outcasts
the losers
whose bets were too rash
here’s to the pleasure
of all kinds of trash

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