02  Aug
while we can
several friends have mentioned that they miss "poem of the month," so i'm going to make a concerted effort to bring that feature back …  bruce and i celebrated our 32nd anniversary last month and the 2nd anniversary of our marriage in connecticut (finally new york would allow us to marry here!) … so in honor of that here's a poem for august
while we can
yes, my love
let’s do it all
while we can
explore exotic locales
while we still have the stamina
to get to them
then recover
from the jet lag
and various bodily and mental assaults
of modern travel
while we can
still afford to
do that relatively inexpensively
fly coach
and deal with the discomfort
haul our luggage
on public transport
and up the stairs
of less than luxury hotels
then run
to museums
from after breakfast
to collapsing after
after dinner drinks
from all we’ve done that day
while we can
still maneuver our aging bodies through
the unfamiliarities
of different cultures
through crowded markets
and carnivals
digest the cuisine
adapt to odd customs
and hours
climb stairs and hills
do all the walking
sight-seeing requires
pamper ourselves
only from the occasional whim
instead of necessity
while we can
still summon the cells
of cognition
to retain
some fleeting memories
of all we’ve done
and seen
so that in our dotage
and penury
we’ll have some hazy glimpses
of past glory
to see us through
our sedentary years
yes, my love
let’s do it all
while we can
while we still can

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  1. April Philip Trancynger

    Thanks Bill!!! I’ve missed my monthly poetry fix.

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