i’d like to do to you
what the french do to potatoes
italians do to pasta
the spanish do to rice
and that would be to take
the best parts of your nature
enhance them with deliciousness
like peppers, cheese or spice

‘cause you deserve the treatment
that new yorkers give the yankees
hollywood gives starlets
england gives the queen
and that would be to celebrate
your specific greatness
shower you with prizes
and payment that’s obscene

i would like to see you
on a grand red carpet
with olympic medals
accepting huge applause
you should be rewarded
for all the joy you bring me
all the songs you sing me
all the happiness you cause

and if i were to do to you
what the french do to potatoes
what norwegians do to herring
koreans to kim-chi
i would be most grateful
if you’d return the favor
and use that kind of magic
to bring out the best in me

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