13  Apr
other couples

other couples
are intriguing
in the ways
we are the same
and fatiguing
always weighing
who’s to blame

“that was rude
and hurtful, honey”
“you’re too soft
and insecure”
“what a way
to spend our money”
“why are you
so immature?”

each exchange
or interaction
holds potential
to derail
every statement
a transaction
which one’s ego
will prevail?

the slightest slight
can be explosive
“why’d you dis me?
what’d i do?”
little barbs
can be corrosive
when they are true

every play
over details
large and small
every day
in the constant

other couples
might be viewing
us the way
we look at them
they might well be
easy to condemn

other couples
are amusing
do you and i
come off that bad?
sometimes signals
are confusing
was that a fight
that they just had?

other couples
give perspective
“that’s exactly
how we are!”
none of us
can be objective
“are we really
that bizarre?”

other couples
are inspiring
“i guess we
are not alone”
hard-earned balance
can be tiring
ev’ry couple
makes their own

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