01  Mar
mosquito zen

doesn’t stop the itch
in fact it makes it worse
but the possible relief
from this agonizing curse
is so damn tantalizing
it takes all my concentration
multiplied by ten
to keep my focus elsewhere
to find mosquito zen

we’re on this lovely island
in an asian sea
but dining in the open air
mosquitoes went for me
we knew the place was featuring
a fresh seafood buffet
but for those little critters
my legs were the entrée

welts the size of quarters
within minutes of arriving
covering my appendages
so i started striving
to focus on the dinner
to salvage some enjoyment
from the distance traveled
to this get-away deployment

the journey to this island
was not a pleasant trek
barriers of language
and pains in back and neck
from jolting over so-called roads
aback a mini-truck
exploring native culture
sometimes can really suck

our room is tasteful, lovely
exquisitely designed
bed canopied with netting
which always in my mind
i equate with elegance
but now i’m more inclined
to appreciate the function
of parameters outlined
with protection from these monsters
small though they may be
who seem to have a taste for
dinner made of me

the buddhists all around us
would deem mosquitoes good
part of life’s great cycle
oh if i only could
but i can’t see their purpose
only my distress
i hate the little buggers
guess i’m a karmic mess

my boyfriend gives me sudafed
to take away the sting
distracts me with a d.v.d
this room has everything
we’ll think of as necessity
when we’re back home again
but if you seek exotic
hope you find mosquito zen

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