(for my new husband
and long, long, longtime valentine)

like landing in green tropics
from the icy white of snow
you are a vacation
where balmy breezes blow

a sudden change of scenery
of climate
or of mood
a flood of new sensation
a shift in attitude

 can all be realized
without an airplane ride
just your entrance
on the scene
can put me in the tide
of gently lapping waters
of waving palm tree boughs
all the island fantasies
that get-aways arouse

in the dead of winter
or summer’s awful heat
you are like a weekend
at a swank retreat

or when the scen’ry’s sterile
generic urban sprawl
you’re a ride
in countryside
with a waterfall

we do love to travel
a passion that we share
but everywhere’s vacation
long as you are there

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