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i’m very excited that we start rehearsals next week for “the last smoker in america” which i wrote with peter melnick … this is the lyric of the first song we wrote for the piece … jimmy, a teenager with severe a.d.h.d. addicted to video games, discovers an intruder in the kitchen in the middle of the night and is brandishing his father’s rifle …

i’ve got a gun!
and i can decimate a mutant
in an instant nano-second
i’m used to killing monsters
’bout a jillion times a day
of course i us’lly do it
in a simulated battle
but my commando tactics
can blow you right away

i’ve got a gun!
and though it is my daddy’s
and i never learned to shoot
i have ultra-fatal instincts
and a lethal bullet spray
so if you’re itching for a battle
in a pan-galactic station
i suggest you quark a shuttle
and go somewhere else to play

‘cause i will kill you
just like the avatar of megalon
yes i will kill you
make one wrong move
and, buster, you’ll be gone
unless you want to die
real fast
like a bunny
you’ll be mince pie
one blast
on the money
don’t try to fly
i’m a funny guy
you’ll die!

i’ve got a gun!
though i’m not old enough to drive yet
this here weapon is a license
for me to prove my manhood
like an action movie star
’cause if i were to wipe out
some bad alien intruder
my dad would be so grateful
he’d let me drive the car

i’ve got a gun!
so i wouldn’t fling projectiles
or make any meta-movements
’cause i’m as trigger-happy
as a snark from myrazun
why don’t you turn around real slowly
step out where i can see you?
’cause your evil plot has ended
before the down-load’s even done
i’ve got a gun!
i’ve got a gun!
i’ve got a gun!

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