i really enjoy
hanging with you
your perspective as fresh
as morning dew
your adventures amusing
and so far-flung
but how dare you be so young


your friends are intelligent
and often astute
your crowd is exciting
to be among
but how dare you be so young


don’t you realize
everyone dies?
our lives a procession
to our demise?
and the further down
that path we roll
the more time takes its toll?


you don’t get allusions
common as dirt
or references
known by the alert
or at least by those
not recently sprung
how dare you be so young


your sleek physique
your glowing skin
your little tush
your waist so thin
all leave me lustful
and unstrung
how dare you be so young


the quest for truth
the muse you seek
the blush of youth
upon your cheek
all so charming
and jejune
yet alarming
gone so soon


i want to say
”enjoy, enjoy”
but such advice
can well annoy
i’ve been carefree
then time stung
how dare you be so young

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