i was so enthralled with the experience

i forgot to take pictures
let alone record it with words



i should write of zurich
i should write of prague
i should keep a journal
or start an on-line blog

but when i’m in the midst
of some exotic scene
the effort to record it
would really contravene
the pleasure of the moment
the experience as is
flatten out the highs and lows
decarbonate the fizz


even taking photos
puts a camera in between
the object and observer
the scope of what is seen

subtracting precious seconds
from one’s immersion in
the culture or the vista
where climate meets the skin


what’s true of vacation
can also hold for work
i should record the progress
but i get so berserk
with deadlines and revisions
with meeting the demands

where’s the time to analyze
all the different strands
of thought and creativity
from everyone involved
the input and great teamwork
to get the problems solved?


yes i should write of all of it
take lots of pictures too
but when i’m in the thick of things
there’s just too much to do

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