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as another poem on this site says, we’ve pretty much opted out of christmas … but the holiday is unavoidable and a new year does lead to reflection …

so, in the spirit of the season, i’m posting a buddhist inspired lyric … this is from “up in the air” — a musical adaptation of a japanese fable about a tree-climbing frog i wrote with composer henry krieger … the show was conceived by amon miyamoto and premiered at the kennedy center in d.c. last year …

this is the lyric to the closing song … boonah, the tree-climbing frog, has returned after a harrowing experience where he nearly died … having visited thailand earlier this year, i’ve only grown more interested in buddhism — a religion which seems to celebrate life rather than being obsessed with death …

i have been
on top of the world
been as low as i could go
i have seen
the clouds as they swirled
part and show the sun aglow
i have felt
the rhythm of life
heard the silence of decay
i hope to find
the music inside
a song for one more day
who can know
what tomorrow might be bringing?
nobody can say
joy or woe
i will keep on singing
a song for one more day
i have felt
the angel of death
pass me by as i lay low
i’ve been spared
while holding my breath
from the wrath of my worst foe
i have known
great loss and great grief
when my loved ones could not stay
yet i’ve found
the gift of relief
a song for one more day
if you fear
that your ending might be nearing
don’t cry in dismay
shed a tear
then rejoice in hearing
a song for one more day
life is within and around
comprised of all
who’ve gone before
we may not win or astound
but we’re all part
of evermore
who can know
what tomorrow might be bringing?
nobody can say
joy or woe
i will keep on singing
a song for one more day
sing a song for one more day

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major miller, a neighbor out at my grandparents’ ranch in aladdin, wyoming died last week of lung cancer (though i don’t know he ever smoked) … his memorial service is today and i wrote the following for it …


his lifetime bridged the worlds
between the old west and the new
and he made a smooth transition
which not everyone can do


from cattle drives
to internet
stock rings
to big trade shows

where he’d connect with hunters

craving guidance from the pros
they jumped to try their hobby
on a ranch with wild game
and a host who knew his land
as well as his own name


like his moniker
substantial as the hills
where he ranged routinely

and no doubt took some spills


and major
like in music

no minor chords of trouble

clouding up his grin
though as a rancher in wyoming
he couldn’t always win
but disappointments didn’t show
in his glad-to-see-you smile
eyes twinkling with amusement
when you stopped by for a while


he knew me all my life
shared the triumphs and the strife
thanksgivings with his folks

where the eating didn’t cease

christmas at my grandparents
down the road a piece


as we travelled through the years

we shared successes and the tears

of parents passing
and inheritance usurped
with anecdotes amassing
to be jawed when we would meet
which wasn’t all that often
yet always was a treat


roots like those we shared
run deep as rains can seep

and so does life-long history
such memories to keep


this landscape will be barer
now that major’s gone to rest
but we can all be grateful

we knew the best of the old west


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i’m very excited that we start rehearsals next week for “the last smoker in america” which i wrote with peter melnick … this is the lyric of the first song we wrote for the piece … jimmy, a teenager with severe a.d.h.d. addicted to video games, discovers an intruder in the kitchen in the middle of the night and is brandishing his father’s rifle …

i’ve got a gun!
and i can decimate a mutant
in an instant nano-second
i’m used to killing monsters
’bout a jillion times a day
of course i us’lly do it
in a simulated battle
but my commando tactics
can blow you right away

i’ve got a gun!
and though it is my daddy’s
and i never learned to shoot
i have ultra-fatal instincts
and a lethal bullet spray
so if you’re itching for a battle
in a pan-galactic station
i suggest you quark a shuttle
and go somewhere else to play

‘cause i will kill you
just like the avatar of megalon
yes i will kill you
make one wrong move
and, buster, you’ll be gone
unless you want to die
real fast
like a bunny
you’ll be mince pie
one blast
on the money
don’t try to fly
i’m a funny guy
you’ll die!

i’ve got a gun!
though i’m not old enough to drive yet
this here weapon is a license
for me to prove my manhood
like an action movie star
’cause if i were to wipe out
some bad alien intruder
my dad would be so grateful
he’d let me drive the car

i’ve got a gun!
so i wouldn’t fling projectiles
or make any meta-movements
’cause i’m as trigger-happy
as a snark from myrazun
why don’t you turn around real slowly
step out where i can see you?
’cause your evil plot has ended
before the down-load’s even done
i’ve got a gun!
i’ve got a gun!
i’ve got a gun!

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17  Jul
the wedding!

my sister accompanies me down the aisle

 my sister walks me down the aisle as the guests blow bubbles

there are six videos all together … click on the above link and the others will appear on the right hand side of the screen

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