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03  Jul
poem: nested

bruce and i have been in our apartment for 22 years — on haven avenue in upper manhattan overlooking the hudson river and the george washington bridge … i wrote the following shortly after we moved in … we celebrate our 29th anniversary this month!

such diverse winds
have blown us here
such odd currents
of time and circumstance

and we took them as we could
sometimes soaring
with unfettered speed
sometimes limping
with broken wings
or perching comfortably
for a while
making do
with whatever place
presented itself
when night came on
and we could fly no more
that day

but now we’ve come to rest
and feathered our new nest
with the best
of all our flights before
twigs from hemispheres away
stones from work
and sticks from play
all placed in a pleasing way
of memory
and innovation

our creation
and our home
the urge to roam
the need for hiding
from the city
and the squalor
like the buildings
getting taller all around

and now the sound
of winds
which carried us afar
surrounds us
as we roost
in our contentment

they sing of other lands
and lives
we’ve left
without resentment

for our stamina
in flight
has been long
and truly tested
and now we share delight
in being so well nested

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