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in nearly every berg and hamlet
the gentlemen of style
call and say
“come on by
for lunch
or dinner
or sunday brunch”
or just to bring
a bunch together

they might be teachers
or masters of design
of graphics
or fine interiors
or maybe they do magic
with their clients’ hair
the gentlemen of style
are here and everywhere

and yes
they’re often gay
though sometimes married anyway
or too closeted by half
trying not to laugh too high
they keep their voices low
even so
most everyone must know
as they go about
dispensing taste
(not always good
but nonetheless
more than others might possess)

sometimes they’re cursed
for being odd
though seldom face-to-face
most welcome
the inherent graciousness
and guile
of the gentlemen of style

especially those wives
who need help
deciding on their drapes
or feeding a large group
and always need assistance
with their dos
they dare befriend
the gentlemen of style
and if their husbands
cast a disapproving eye
they sigh and say
”but, honey,
don’t you love the way
he does my hair?”

the husbands may not care
but they pretend
so as not to offend
the little lady
or her less-than-manly friend

bless those gentlemen of style
who touch their bergs and hamlets
with loveliness
of gesture
and design
with art
both popular
and fine
who know good wine
and love to dine
and host
and raise a toast

some of them
are friends of mine
and when i have to spend a while
in their berg or town
how i then appreciate
the warm hello
and welcome smile
of those essential citizens
the gentlemen of style

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