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the first high school production of “Lucky Duck” will happen at Sunny Hills High School in fullerton, california, march 12 -14 …

 here are the details:

1801 Warburton Way
Fullerton, California   92833

phone: 714 626-4200

March 12, March 13, March 14, 2008


cost: $9.00

Mary Krell-Oishi – Director
Janice Krell – Dance Choreographer

Alex Geringer(Serena)
Eric Ryu(Wolf)
Andrew Kim(Drake)
Becki Wert(Mrs. Mallard)
Jennessa Chan(Millicent Mallard)
Kelley Kim(Mildred Mallard)
Jennifer Huang(Sally Storkola)
Josh Fulmer(King)
Natalie Feldbusch(Queen)
Ryan Ortega(Carl Coyote)
Jonathan Kim(Clem Coyote)
Nathan Bernabe(Armand Dillo)

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16  Feb
d.c. opening night

photos from opening night in d.c.:  kennedy center opening

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Lillias White

some of carol pratt’s wonderful photos of “up in the air” at the kennedy center are now posted here:  kennedy center photos

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angel of sleep
come to me now
though the plow of concern
furrows my brow
though tasks of tomorrow
bite at my brain
though incessant plotting
will not refrain
from making me run
alternative plans
yet again through my head
while the coulds and the cans
fill me with dread

angel of sleep
what will it take?
i took a pill
and i’m still awake
what is the dosage
to shut off my mind
from why-ing and if-ing
and “what will i find?”
from wondering what
i’ve left behind
if i’ll ever nod off
or must be resigned
to this limbo by night
and half-sleep by day?
where is the cure?
what can i pay?

angel of sleep
is it lag of a jet
or a demon of doubt
to whom i’m in debt
which caused restless reclining
while lying in bed
replaying a scene
or something i said
as the hours tick by
the minutes long sped
now lost in the deep
recesses of past?
oh angel of sleep
free me at last

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