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i’m delighted to welcome you to my revised and updated website here at the beginning of 2008 …
rix white has done a wonderful job of reworking his original design to take advantage of new technology and make the site more user-friendly …
a new feature allows you to submit production details if you’re involved in the presentation of one of my shows …
i’ll continue to post a “poem of the month” and hopefully keep those photos and news items coming …
so don’t be a stranger!
still, bill

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  1. sue fulleton

    Dear Bill:

    Love the poems! I will try to make the Kenndy Center production. I caught up w/Jannie and family for Parents’ Day at Wesylan. I will try to get her to come to NYC for the production.

    Happy New Year . . .

    Sue Fulleton

  2. bill

    good to hear from you sue …

    just to be clear the kennedy center is in washington, d.c. not n.y.c.!


  3. katie hood

    Dearest Bill,
    I am so excited for you and your new project with Mr. Condon. We love Sideshow so much and can’t wait to see the new version. Love to both you and Bruce.
    Katie Hood

  4. Barb Wright

    What a body of work, my friend! Congrats, many warm wishes!

    Barb Wright

  5. virginia west

    I am so happy to have found your website! I’ve been wanting to find you for YEARS! I’m a casual singer (in a rockish band that practices/performs mostly weekly), but on the side I do solo work for myself. I REALLY want to do the song you wrote for Sun, Son at KU in the 1970-71 school year. I LOVED the musical, but really would like your permission to sing “The Ultimate Trip”…. won’t be earning any $ for it, but I just HAVE to sing it! May I, PLEASE? I lived in Kansas for a long time, am now in San Diego, and SO wish I could be in NY for your shows. Glad you’re such a success – you deserve it!

  6. virginia west

    PS I was in the production of “Lysistrata” that year – at a freshman, I was in the Old Man/Old Woman chorus. I feel so privileged to have been there in the year of Richard Kiley’s “Man of LaMancha” and getting to see Mandy Patinkin too! Great memories!

  7. Debra Dellasandro

    I always enjoyed your work with Jade and Sasperilla. I sing in an a 7 woman a cappella group (www.SheWho.org) and we are considering “I’d Like to Be” in our rep this season. Is the sheet music available for purchase?
    Please advise. Thanks,
    P.S. Can’t wait to hear your gay marriage play collaboration with Janet Hood!

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