04  Dec
i assume glorious

i assume glorious

for i grew up
on the edge
of the black hills of dakota
where the foothills give way
to sweeping plains
and the skies are bigger
than memory
or imagination
where red gashes of earth
cut through green prairie grass
or fields of gold
and majesty
surrounds you
from every perspective

i assume glorious

for i live
in new york
new york
where the world converges
and converses
and the teeming masses
cause collisions
of customs
and ideas
which can be troubling
or both at once
where culture
and commerce
thrive like nowhere else
and people daily
live out dreams and dramas
in such close proximity
that they melt together
and catalyze
into the most vibrant
and magnificent melange

i assume glorious

for we have traveled
decades together
and found such fun
and comfort
in each other
our similarities
and differences
complimenting our strengths
and weaker parts
until our hearts
are so full of shared experience
they can not be separated

the consequence
is that
i am easily excited
and as i get older
hard to impress

all because
i start
at a very high level
of awe
and need more
than meritorious

i assume glorious

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