01  Nov

we’ll be celebrating thanksgiving with our good friends dan and cheryl dunson at their lovely home in connecticut where we are lucky to be frequent guests … i penned this a while ago, but feel it every time we visit there …

(for those wonderful dunsons)

we’ve just come back
from dunsienda
and already long to return
a visit up there
makes life like a fair
and leaving it causes a yearn

’cause everything’s sweet
at dunsienda
from the minute you step in the door
and the only drawback about it
is leaving makes you want more

the house is a stunner
the pool is so cool
the grounds are like out of a book
and the hosts of the casa
are like steak to kielbasa
like summer to a chinook
’cause no one provides
a more fabulous plan
than a weekend
with cheryl and dan

she cooks up a storm
and he works to transform
the place until everything’s neat-o
and they both entertain
with yummy champagne
and a disco that’s very discreet-o

so we feel very blessed
to have been there
it’s one of life’s great dividends
for there’s no hacienda
to match dunsienda
and certainly no better friends

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