03  Apr
cooking at home

i’m going to boston for a month to direct lucky duck at the boston conservatory of music … though i have many good friends there and am excited about the project, i will sorely miss bruce and our meals at home …

dining out
can be exotic
and expensive
staying in
can be a chore
with toil
that’s extensive

but the joy
of home-cooked food
is in the preparation
the give and take
the separate tasks
of a shared creation

i usually shop
you usually cook
the bulk of our repasts
i do salads
and the fish
and recipes amassed
from various resources
like friends and magazines
(i cook much more by the book
while you improvise cuisines)

through the years
we have evolved
our kitchen-time routines
the hum and buzz
the quiet dance
of finely-tuned machines

and though i love the process
the proof is in the pudding
the promise of aromas
the yells of goody-gooding

and though we relish being treated
to wining and fine dining
the final meal i’d choose to eat
would be of our own designing

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