02  Mar
my vanity diet

as good as this tastes
and it tastes pretty great
it can’t compare
to not gaining weight
not having to ask
“do i look too fat?
should i get liposuction
or something like that?”
to not losing heart
when i see my reflection
or coming apart
from my spreading mid-section

hard to go slow
in a fast-food nation
hard to delay
future rewards
seem so far away
the end of the world
could come any day
will anyone care
how much i weigh?

this may sound petty
but i’ve always felt
if i’m going out
i hope i look svelte
with nothing left hanging
over my belt

if you call me shallow
vain or perverse
i won’t think you callow
i’ve called myself worse

why be obsessed
with a body that’s thin?
does it really matter
if i can fit in
to jeans that i wore
decades ago?

guilty as charged
i don’t want to grow
out of my clothes
out of my size
don’t want a figure
i have to disguise

some think i’m lucky
some think i’m sick
some think i’m using
a dieting trick
it’s true my metabolism
speeds right along
i’m genetically blessed
and my will power’s strong

but much stronger still
than my power of will
is the frequent insanity
of my ego and vanity

i exercise daily
and watch what i eat
which is why i’m not taking
more of this treat

‘cause as good as it tastes
the taste can’t compare
to wearing the clothes
that i want to wear
or not feeling fat
if you see me bare!

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