what the hell happened
to the american can-do spirit?
we can’t rebuild ground zero
can’t clean up katrina
can’t restore
or even secure
can’t restrain our appetites
for energy
or water
humongous portions
of fast food
jumbo sodas
or other junk

so we indulge ourselves
in more and more
of everything
while the ice-caps melt
temperatures rise
and we increase
our belts a size

what the hell happened
to christian charity?
the golden rule?
the simple clarity
of do unto others
help the poor
spread love and understanding
instead of branding
those who are different
as sinners
and heretics
while demanding
everyone believe
exactly the same as us
because of course
we hold the name of truth

what the hell happened
to the land of the free?
where the torch
of lady liberty
welcomed the poor and tired
and those whose hope had not expired
where a woman’s body
was hers to rule
where religion
was kept out of school
and science wasn’t saddled
with compliance
to myths
and poetry
not meant to be taken literally
where procreation was a choice
as well as contraception
where the rule of deception
had balances and checks
and leaders didn’t stack the decks
against openness
and culpability
by demanding
“trust in me
i know what’s right
i had a talk with god last night”

what the hell happened
to shared sacrifice
playing nice
and common decency

i’m at a loss
can you help me?

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