if we didn’t have jon stewart
and his brilliant fake news crew
i’d very likely lose my mind
or move to katmandu

though the show’s a parody
of so-called “legit” news
it often seems the only place
to find coherent views
of absurdities around us
of madness made by men
the crazy paths we’re taking
the mess left where we’ve been

their comedy can lift the veil
of burka-covered eyes
proscribed by venal poo-bahs
pretending they are wise
like senators and congressmen
and governors of greed
or religious hypocrites
who hide behind a creed

especially world leaders
like presidents
whose boys
take care of dirty business
while their boss deploys
the poor and underprivileged
to clean up his mistakes
grinning wide while muttering
“let them all eat cakes”

this world’s too much muchness
can be much too much to bear
but then “the daily show”
will zero in to where
the heart of truth is pounding
under satire’s laser beam
and demagogues abounding
are skewered by this team

they cut right through the bullshit
but always with a smirk
deflating many wind-bags
and every sort of jerk
by pushing pundits’ verities
a little bit too far
and showing limp ideas
just how lame they are

speaking as a member
of the subset labeled “gay”
i’m especially grateful
for the most delicious way
this outrageous group of writers
gets underneath the robes
of sanctimonious bigots
and ranting homophobes

this world is full of idiots
who often are in charge
“the daily show” exposes them
as stupidity writ large
these fake news bits ring truer
than “objectivity”
and bold incisive points are scored
through their sharp comedy

the tools include profanity
and the driest wit
pointing out inanity
and tweaking every twit

without this dose of sanity
i’d know no end of woe
let others have their “hannity”
i’ll take “the daily show”

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