01  Apr
if jesus came back

if jesus came back
he’d have a big heart attack
when he saw what goes on
in his name
yes i have a hunch
he’d lose his patience
and lunch
and really regret
that he came

there are many who say
he has shown them the way
as they secretly play
dirty pool
they’ll publicly pray
make a righteous display
as they stray
from that old golden rule

if jesus returned
he’d find too few have learned
that his message
was love and compassion
many brandish his name
as they loudly proclaim
he’d approve
of their hatin’ and bashin’

in christ’s second coming
would he be maximuming
his profits
from the needy and weak?
like those who keep dunning
the poor they’d be shunning
but for the riches they seek

if christ should revisit
he’d ask “what the hell is it
you don’t understand
from last time?
i championed the meek
whose lives might be bleak
but poverty
isn’t a crime”

i think christ couldn’t stand
his name used as a brand
by those politicians
and crooks
who market their schemes
by flaunting spiritual themes
while hiding their greed
in cooked books

and what would he think
of a world on the brink
of a simmering
theological war
a fight to the end
which fantasy friend
is the one god
we all must adore?

i bet jesus would say
“put those weapons away
your warring
is driving me wild
it’s true i’m god’s son
but there’s more than just one
i was never
an only child

“i’ve got sisters
and brothers
and plenty of others
who have helped make
my message quite clear
instead of trying to rule
treat life as a school
learn lessons from all
dad sent here”

yes if jesus came back
his mood would turn black
and he’d throw up
his hands and his dinner
he’d be frozen with shame
by what’s done in his name
came out the winner

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