along the way
i stopped to question
where i was headed to
and though i couldn’t see the answer
there was one true thing i knew

though the destination is uncertain
somehow i keep pushing through
obstacles and disappointments
because i’m sharing them with you

though the journey can be wearing
your support has made me tough
i’ve had the bedrock of your caring
and that is much more than enough

i raised my eyes
to see a mountain
looming in my path
surrounded by dark clouds
and lightening
an omen of impending wrath?

but i felt you there beside me
and knew we’d find the strength to climb
even though the task seemed daunting
and we could well run out of time

at least we’re scaling heights together
though this terrain is fairly rough
you’ve stuck by me through ill weather
given much more than enough

some day we’ll see the end of travel
prob’ly not by our own choice
threads of being will unravel
but we’ll have reason to rejoice

we’ve been each other’s boon companion
we’ve been such welcome company
all the wonders we have witnessed
seem designed for us to see

with ev’ry wound from each stray arrow
with ev’ry terror we rebuff
you live deeper in my marrow
and that is much more than enough

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