01  Jan
the theater gods

if you cast your lot with the theater gods
beware, my friend, beware
for they can raise the curtain
on triumph or despair

you may have plotted long and hard
to ensure the first
but they will have the final say
whatever you’ve rehearsed

they might display your name in lights
so bright you’ll run for shade
then shatter every blinkin’ bulb
and all the plans you’ve made

the theater gods can bring you joy
in flights of fantasy
then crash you into mountains
of deep despondency

or cast an instant family
who share a common goal
then when you start to feel at home
give them another role

those gods can make you busy
as a bee about to burst
then leave you feeling useless
indigent and cursed

or deliver new admirers
by the score or more
then send them begging autographs
at some other backstage door

but when those gods are smiling
few feelings can compete
the hum of great rehearsals
the song of work replete
with sharing and creation
with camaraderie and scope
the rhythm of endeavor
the melody of hope

but when they turn indifferent
few feelings can be worse
the energy made negative
the poetry made terse

if you cast your lot with the theater gods
i won’t discourage you
i understand ‘cause we’re alike
what else could we do?

somehow we had this calling
to temples of unreal
where pity, fear and untold mirth
wait for their reveal

maybe we don’t cast our lot
perhaps those gods choose us
we can only play our role
and pray they’re generous

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