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i’ve been revisiting my first professionally produced musical fourtune, music by ron melrose, because we’re doing a reading on august 8th to benefit the l.g.b.t. center in new york in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary … it certainly has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane … for this month’s poem i decided to post the lyric of the closing number … note: fourtune is the title of the show and the name of the four-member singing group (get it?) that the show is about … but this song is about seeking one’s fortune (spelled correctly)

several years ago
i set out to seek my fortune
though i did not know
what i hoped to find
guess i longed to be
pointed out at fancy parties
as i lived a life
someone else defined

then you came along
to show me i’m the party
a swell affair
where the best musicians play
you saw inside
there were many people dancing
dancing in a scene
i’d call very gay

and you
you are my fortune
i’m so rich in you
you make me famous
you’re my star too
now who could imagine
it would come out like this
the fortune i was seeking
was the love i missed

and you
you are my fortune
my pie in the sky
my private pilot
who lets me fly
when trouble surrounds us
when our skies grow grey
we still will have the fortune
of hearts so young and gay

and you
you are my fortune
my searching is through
i found my fortune
when i met you
a fortune of feelings
a fortune of friends
with others to share your fortune
the fortune never ends
the fortune never ends

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