i don’t wanna get married

one of the great things
about being this way
being a couple
who’s vivid and gay
is that we make it up
as we go along
make up the themes
that make up our song

we don’t recreate
some tired old model
of how to relate
and no one’s convinced us
the institution’s so great
we should check ourselves in
at this late a date

don’t get me wrong
i’ve known marriages weak
and marriages strong
and it does serve the purpose
of passing along
a name for the kids
and clear definitions
of what it forbids

but i’m perplexed by the notion
that our getting married
would somehow diminish
the very idea
that we’d finish it off
by being included
i guess i’m deluded
but divorce and adultry
seem much bigger threats
to the wedded ideal
than people in love
who show what they feel
and affirm it in public

that’s not our style
that’s not our glue

but we support those
who fight for our rights
to receive the same treatment
as those who “i do”
like when medical frights
put one in the hospital
the idea that i couldn’t see you
or call your shots in the i.c.u.
scares me to the bone
and may be enough reason alone
to go down that path
despite censure and wrath
from the righteous and prim
“god doesn’t want him
to marry a him!”

i have no time for
those who are sure
they know what god wants
by quoting obscure
parts of a book
written eons ago

if there is a god
it’s a god who must know
the love in our hearts
these twenty-five years
and that love’s no different
for het’ros or queers

we don’t crave approval
from city or state
for whom we should love
or whom we should mate
the only approval i’m craving
is yours
that we should continue
that our love endures

should we get married?
would we if we could?
i don’t wanna get married
’cause this is so good

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