01  Nov
at sea

i wrote this for one of my great friends — merry morse … it’s her birthday this month so i thought it was an appropriate time to post it

you are always in my head
when i float wrecklessly
among rocks of conflict
springing out from heavy mists
of human interaction

you’ve often tossed me life-savers
of advice
pulled me to safety
with ropes of sagacity
and insight

when i’ve called out
from seas of hurt and anger
you’ve thrown life-lines
in the form of questions
“what’s your destination?
what do you want from this sailing?
this voyage?
this person?”

and though my immediate answer
is usually
“to blow soandso out of the water”
you’ve pointed out
the counterproductivity of that
the resulting debris
could cause damage
to my own shaky craft
slow down the crossing
the docking
the welcome at the pier

though i’m choking on brine
you’ll suggest swallowing some anger
and maybe a little pride
in order to turn the tide

defeating the armada
of opposition
might seem the most satisfying course
but revenge does not fill sails
nor hasten discovery of the treasure

so when
as now
i am at sea once more
i try to flood my head
with memories
of when you’ve rescued me before
and pay you
the honor due
the lighthouse
and the shore

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