01  Oct
the ride

october always brings to mind the opening of side show — 7 years ago this month … this was written for the closing when there was a real possibility that we would reopen … we didn’t but even so the experience was one of the best of my life …

(for the company of side show january 3, 1998)

think of this as a ride

with limited seating
granted to a select few

we gained admission
through talent
or ridiculous amounts of money

we were overjoyed
to be included
on the ride of a lifetime

thrills were promised
and thrills there were

such anticipation
on the long slow ascent
to the top of the highest hill

then whoosh
off we went

laughing and screaming
terror and exhilaration
to make us feel
as alive as we’ve ever known

senses pounding
with the overload
of stimulation

stomachs flying

knuckles white
as we gripped the bar
hoping that
would keep our heads
from flying off
into the clouds

we were transported
beyond the pull of gravity
or mundane concerns
shrieking with delight
marveling that such intensity
is possible
in the midst of the routine

the surprises
just kept coming
and the twists and turns
grew scarier
as the ride progressed

until the last terrifying jolt
left us breathlessly clinging to each other

and now
we’re pulling into the dock
the bar is lifting
we’re getting out

going on

to other rides
or games
or home
to steady our over-taxed nerves

maybe we’ll come back
for another try

but even if not
oh what a ride we’ve had

and how remarkable
to have shared
the spine-tingling
heartinourthroat moments
with you

on the great white mid-way
of our dreams

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