02  Sep
life is a musical

bruce and i are going to hawaii to officially celebrate our 25th (the actual date was mid-july, but i was tied up with lucky duck in san diego) … this is one of the first poems i wrote for him — lo those many years ago … and i still believe it

you entered
and life became
a musical comedy
everywhere we went
was magic
(even the city slums
seemed lighted in pastels
when we walked through)
beautiful and amusing people
surrounded us
and all problems were solvable
with a song

i hear orchestras
when i see you
the overture
moves me to tears
of anticipation
for the laughter and music
yet to come
i’m undone
by the little miseries
of plot
thrown at lovers
who do not know
they exist in a fantasy
designed to resolve itself
in smiles

i will cling to aisles
with this reality
in front of me
as long as possible
perhaps we will go beyond
to deeper fare
(but not to dramas
of despair!)

for now, my friend
i do not care
if we continue
gaily dancing
blithely free
in this life
of musical comedy

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