san diego, july 16, 2004

the experience of rehearsing and opening lucky duck at the old globe in san diego was one of the best of my career … this poem was my opening night gift …

we came together
to tell a story
as we are wont to do
and what a taste
of hunky-dory
working here with you

this place is a paradise
a wonderland
an oz
and what a perfect playground
for dancing webs and paws

the poultry and the carnivores
discovered a new life
a universe where laughter, song
and lunacy are rife
perhaps they found some meaning
in what we’re doing here
and plenty of reminders
of why we persevere

we came to tell a story
and you have done it proud
by sharing gifts and talents
with which you are endowed

if laughter is a tonic
we must be fit and hale
for our collective mirth
seemed destined to prevail
in our daily workings
and certainly our play
i indeed am lucky
to have this chance to say

if i could bottle happiness
i’d store up knowing you
espec’lly in this context
of loving what we do

our trade can be soul-wrenching
too often we get fucked
but all of that is balanced
by being lucky ducked

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