01  Jul
for bruce

this month bruce and i celebrate our 25th … i always say that’s the equivalent of about 147 straight years, but truthfully, any relationship has its difficulties … we’ve had very few — or at least memory is kind enough for me to feel that … the following was written for our 22nd …

we’ve come this far together
over many a long road
through all kinds of weather
and varied episode
and just to watch time passing
from the comfort of your side
has been a gift surpassing
all else which gratified

we were meant to share this
journey through the stars
the ecstacy and rare bliss
the bruises and the scars
the day-to-day conveyance
of life just going on
the terror in abeyance
uncertainty near gone

so come and sit beside me
and watch some time go by
and if you should provide me
with sweet laughter or supply
the insight and perspective
which make me love you so
i’ll celebrate connective
and meeting long ago

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