has anyone seen my mind?

i’ve definitely lost it

i thought it might be in the refrigerator
because for some reason
i found myself standing in front of the open door
and then not recalling why i was there
so maybe i put my mind
on ice for awhile?
or perhaps thought cooling it down a little
would make it less likely to be misplaced?

the thing is
i know it’s somewhere

it has to be

maybe it’s with that piece of paper
i had in my hand
not ten minutes ago
and swear the little people
came and removed
because i’ve now torn the room apart
and that piece of paper is nowhere to be seen
so it makes perfect sense
the little people who took
that essential bit of correspondence
(for the amusement
of seeing me fall to pieces
i guess)
probably took my mind as well
the two objects
do seem to have some kind of vague connection
which i can’t work out
because i’d need a mind to do that

i certainly hope
i didn’t leave it
on the subway
where it could get
trampled, crushed or sat on
though the particular car i last was in
did have crying babies
shouting teens
and a truly scary lunatic
screaming about “the lord”
(on second thought
if a mind is found in that car
it’s probably his)

so many places
i could have lost it
the supermarket check-out line
the last traffic jam
or political debate
in the headlines
or the cloakroom of some television studio
where all minds must obviously be checked at the door

i don’t know where to begin to look
and past experience has shown
my mind can be quite elusive

please let me know if you come across it somewhere!

in the meantime
i guess i’ll have to wait around
until the mind i lost
is found

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