(an anniversary song for bruce, mid-80s)

this month bruce and i celebrate 24 years together … so i have to post one of the many poems i’ve written for him … i think this is from the mid-80’s, but it feels even more relevant today …

nothing lasts forever
but we keep going on
surviving the bad weather
and the cards we’ve drawn
seeking out the sunsets
sought out by the dawn
we are still together
and another year is gone

and i love you more
with the passing days
and the life we’ve made
from our separate ways
though i had few doubts
we would last this long
we are still in love
and another year is gone

many are so lonely
many search in vain
wish that we could help them
wish we could explain
how to find the music
to complete the song
how to still be singing
when another year is gone

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