i think i wrote this in 1985 … the date is fuzzy but i stand by the feelings it expresses

everything’s moving
much too fast
i try to keep up
i try to get past
the longing for life
at an easier pace
the times when the rats
were still in the race

and i do okay
i’m computer literate
i watch m.t.v.
i never am caught
saying “fiddle-ee-dee”

the devoutly moderne
may dub me a sinner
but i’ll never give up
believing in dinner

i’ve read in the rags
something truly amazing
there’s a new way of eating
some have dubbed “grazing”

it’s like noshing
or nibbling
or ‘tween-meal snacks
though meals are precisely
what this diet lacks

croissanwiches here
or falafals there
or cups of tofutti
in times of despair
i may be old-fashioned
i really don’t care
but i believe in dinner

‘cause nothing is better
at the end of the day
than candles and music
and an artful display
of delectable dishes
accompanied by wine
and you at the table
when it’s time to dine

let the waves of nouveau
graze all they will
let’s to the kitchen
to perfect the skill
of making a meal
that’s memorably fine
edible art
we proudly would sign

we’re not getting younger
we’re not getting thinner
but whatever else happens
we’ve still got our dinner

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