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(for john and marcia goldman and, of course, bruce)

last spring, randy adams, managing director of theatreworks, asked if henry and i would be willing to donate our song-writing services to be auctioned off at a benefit for the theater … they’ve produced three of our musicals, and we love them, so we didn’t hesitate to say yes … when two parties fiercely bidding against each other reached into the 5 figures, randy said, “we’re going to ask henry and bill if they’d mind writing two songs” … and, of course, we didn’t mind at all … one of the winning bids came from the goldmans who’ve graciously hosted us at several receptions at their beautiful home … they were about to celebrate their 25th anniversary and when i inquired what they say when people ask how they’ve managed to stay together that long, john responded with what became the song’s title … it certainly struck a chord, as that’s exactly how i feel about bruce … so for valentine’s day:

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