christmas is going to happen
no matter what you do
oh you can rail against it
until you turn quite blue
but christmas is going to happen
just like every year
so you’d better get a move on
christmas time is near

i tried my best
to start early
thought of presents
the whole year through
then suddenly
it was december
and i had no gift for you
i rushed around in panic
perusing merchandise
when none of it seemed fitting
my spirits turned to ice

i cursed the season’s follies
the rituals which bind
the manic expectations
the gift i could not find
the sense of how it should be
the knowledge that it won’t
and when i started cursing
a voice within said “don’t”

‘cause often there’s a respite
when christmas joy comes through
i had one
christmas eve
watching you
working in the kitchen
as lovely music played
you were spreading icing
on the perfect cake you made

and i thought
that’s why we do it
for moments such as this
when celebration’s crystallized
with the season’s kiss

life needs this kind of marker
to make us stop and see
christmas is going to happen
thank god it did for me

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