an opening night gift for the company of side show: october 16, 1997

i’m having a happiness melt-down
i’m coming apart with the joy
my heartbeat is drumming
my psyche is humming
i skip down the street like a boy

i’m having an ecstacy breakdown
i’m falling apart with the bliss
my stomach is floating
my feet are emoting
it doesn’t get better than this

’cause i work with a great group of people
a truly exceptional bunch
committed, hard-working
no sloughing, no shirking
they always come through in a crunch

they’re packed full of talent and savvy
exhibit the best of their craft
from stagehands to dressers
musicians, expressers
this project is brilliantly staffed

going to work’s a misnomer
we go to play every day
the company’s gifted
my spirits are lifted
when i join their nightly soirée

i’m having a happiness melt-down
no options i’d rather pursue
life’s so gratifying
i’m soaring, i’m flying
because i’ve been working with you

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