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for giacomo capizzano who was like a brother to me… he single-handedly managed to bring Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens to the london fringe and then to the west end… though he successfully battled aids for years, on july 14 he succumbed quite unexpectedly from the side effects of his medications… i was asked to write something for his memorial service in london (we were half a world away and couldn’t get there) and sent the following…

the boy was beautiful
the man a prince
no one like him
before or since
death has not won
nor will convince
that he is gone
that we have lost
the love we felt
our love for him
which always dwelt
in deepest places
where we live
his legacy is positive

the combination of genetics
and lots of toning
natural grace
years of honing
and that open face
all indisputably stunning

but the positive aura
surrounding him
made the entire package
a show-stopper

rooms would suspend all animation
when he entered
the collective intake of air
a recognition of energy so centered
that all must stop
so that he
could be acknowledged

unlike certain beauty
one is content to admire from afar
the positive glow he exuded
made him an accessible star
made others want to be near
be friends
be him

though he was known
by several names
jack and james
they did not denote
compartments of personality
displayed to different people
at different times
he was the same positive force
to all he met
and we have not begun
to miss him yet

when the going got rough
he never stopped fighting
for what he believed
for goals to be achieved
aspirations and dreams
marvelous schemes
fighting for health and life

ready to grab opportunity
when it was presented
travel somewhere undiscovered?
new worlds to be uncovered?
he was there
“it’s a life experience”
he’d smile
“how could i miss it?”

oh yes, dear friend
life is rare
and you made experience
a joy to share

never shall your mem’ry fade
we will cherish
how you made
our days richer
how you touched
the deepest parts
of where we live
because you were
so positive

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  1. Charles

    was “cap” from the US? I knew a Cap back in the elate 1980s and early 1990s

  2. bill

    Yes he was … Born and raised in Rhode Island … Lived in New York, l.a., London …

  3. Pamela Clay

    Dear Bill,

    I was searching your name via Google and found your website. I was immediately drawn to this page, and am so sorry for Giacomo’s passing. Your missive for his memorial service is hauntingly gorgeous, and a beautiful testament to him.

    I hope you may remember me? You cast me in your’s and Janet Hood’s wonderful “Sun,Son” at KU all those years ago (my given name is Pamela Clay Magathan – professionally I’m known as Pamela Clay).

    I just submitted myself for the role of the “Fortune Teller” in an upcoming production of SIDE SHOW in Fullerton, CA via Actors Access, and when I punched the show into Google, was sooo happy to find YOU!

    I’ve been living in the Hollywood Hills with my New Orleans-born artist-musician husband making my living as an actress and singer for many years now (I did my junior year abroad from KU Sept 72, stayed in France many years, then moved to DC from Paris in ’76 with my Parisian ex, then to LA April ’87).

    It would be so lovely to connect with you again in whatever way that may take form + how wonderful I can reach out to you like this via the internet!

    Have a most wondrous day + looking forward to hearing back from you whenever you may get the chance!

    Love always,

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