it was on this day, ten years ago, that bill russell and henry krieger began writing together. this month’s poem is in honor of that anniversary.

i seldom have typical days

and other ways
of doing business
a little of this
a little of that
pays the rent
more or less
and is the life i imagined
though i didn’t foresee
all of the stress

but my days
which resemble others
the most
are when i’m home
and playing host
to my muses
who hopefully drop by
for at least a brief stay
as i try to write
at the top of the day

sometimes i do
sometimes i don’t
but i make the attempt
and after the struggle
or creative burst
i return calls and mail
tie up loose ends
clean up the trail
of details and crises
which always arise
or continue to fester
in some other guise

but then about two
i’m out the door
of our little cocoon
‘cause that is my time for
in the afternoon

he’s my partner
my friend
we write songs together
i travel downtown
to his cozy nest
and work on the music
which is work i like best

i try to bring words
which he then gives a tune
and magic can happen
with henry
in the afternoon

he’ll sit at the keyboard
and start to play
singing my words
without reading them first
and you couldn’t believe
what happens that way

i can’t
and i’ve witnessed it
many a time
music so right
music sublime
if my spirits are low
there’s no better boon
than henry
in the sweet afternoon

the dogs will be barking
and singing some too
the phone and fax ringing
what a to-do
but amidst all the chaos
the music comes through
the magic does happen
and is over too soon
and oh how i cherish
dear henry
in the sweet afternoon

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