12  Jan
we will connect

for the company of Side Show
park square theatre, st. paul, minnesota
january 12, 2002

some day
some night
when the moon
is just right
when the universe hums
when the cast comes along
who melds its gifts
to a song
when the company gels
when the whistles and bells
enhance the total effect

we will connect

and the whole
will be greater
than the sum
of its singular parts

and strangers
and outcasts
and disparate hearts
will be joined
by the bond
we create
out of magic and air

people will care

and we’ll become more aware
how we long for connection
to our art
to our selves
to each other

and even to those
we’ve never met
when we gather together
to play out the tale
of these unique
yet similar folk
with singing
and dancing
and occasional joke
through gifts we’ve been given
which allow us to give
bits of our souls
to be linked in the dark
to those who are willing
to board and embark
on the ride we are taking
to places unknown
places much deeper
than marrow and bone
places we seldom
let others detect

if we do our part
we will connect

and even beyond
the end of the run
when we remember
the effort
and fun
the glitches
the riches
of friendships begun
the triumphs
the tent
full of meaning
we’ve tried to erect

even when ended

we will connect

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