01  Jan
but continue

what can we do
but continue?

hide in the basement
as buildings crumble round?
hole up in our homes
with stockpiles of necessities?
remove ourselves from the fray
and the day-to-day?
live in fear
and out of harm’s way?
(as if that’s possible)

nothing to do
but continue

the weapons
and horror
could find us
wherever we try to hide
better to be outside
in the sun
nowhere to run
cut me down in the street
as i bounce to the beat
of human interaction
the satisfaction of doing
taking a walk
stopping to talk
with a neighbor
meeting our daily needs

nothing to do
but continue

we won’t leave
this city we love
no matter what
skies fall from above
they’ll have to mow us down
as we paint the town
‘cause we’re not
about to hibernate
until the threat
starts to dissipate
if staying is risky
so be it
pour me a whisky
‘cause i won’t flee it

nothing to do
but continue

we can’t pick up arms
to fight one-on-one
not most of us at least
but we can be the yeast
to make daily commerce rise again
and hope
and the optimism
the promise of tomorrow
arriving as it is meant to
as it was meant to

nothing to do
but continue

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