holiday season 2001

the holiday season
has come to an end
parties and dinners
with many a friend
shopping and cooking
and rushing about
so why do we need to go out?

been to plenty of parties
don’t need to go to one more
schmoozed with the swells
and the smarties
and the occasional bore
often do evenings
out on the town
we need an evening
with wattage turned down
let’s spend new year’s at home

we’ve met movers and shakers
don’t need to join a new crowd
don’t need hats or noisemakers
in rooms that are smoky and loud
we need some rest time
quiet and fun
we have the best time
when one-on-one
let’s spend new year’s at home

we could snuggle
in front of the fire
candles and dreams
are all we require
no cares about image
or proper attire
with the hearth we create
wherever we go
my darling
i love you so

had our share of romances
stayed with the one that is true
new years bring new circumstances
our love will carry us through
i wouldn’t mind if we stayed in for days
before we return to the race and the maze
let’s spend new year’s at home
let’s spend new year’s
then one or two years
let’s spend new year’s
at home

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