i lost my husband on the internet
delivered him into its arms
i brought that homewrecker
into our home
unaware of its virulent charms

i should have seen it coming
when he grabbed the mouse
and wouldn’t let go
the come-ons started immediately
“log on”
“click here”
“open me”
seducing him in the monitor’s glow

at first he sat there for hours
then hours turned into days
when i’d bring him his breakfast or dinner
his eyes had an internet glaze

then one morning it happened
his chair was empty and bare
he’d drifted off into cyberspace
and left me grasping at air

i lost my husband on the internet
he’s floating from site to site
if you should find him caught in your web
call any time
day or night

i’ve searched every likely connection
i’ve drifted from web page to page
i’ve sampled all sorts of strange info
i’ve been on a server rampage

no sign of my husband anywhere
and i’m missing his sweet little face
i hope we’ll connect in the ether
but cyber’s a very big space

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